As we celebrate our 7th birthday, we are thankful for the 7 "C"s that have brought us this far.


People who love & support us, many of whom have become friends, letting us play a part in their skin transformational journeys.


We believe healthy skin is a lifestyle choice. Everyone can have healthy skin. Hence, our focus on restoration & maintenance of skin health.

Healthy Skin

= Clean with Smaller Pores

= Acne & Blemish-Free

= Hydrated & Glowing


This refers not only to our strict adherence to high hygiene standards, but also, to our deep pore cleansing method. All facials include our signature extraction technique, where we clean pores thoroughly without leaving skin red & blotchy.

Now, that's both a science & an art!


Our concept is brought to life by our team of dedicated & experienced Care-givers, ie. our consultants & therapists. Passionate about healthy skin, one of the greatest joys we have is helping resolve problematic skins and teaching customers how to keep skin healthy.


Since 2014, The Sanctuary has been continuously voted "Best Skincare Specialist" by Louis Vuitton Shanghai Guide. This, and many other similar "bouquets", is the result of a team committed to excellence, integrity & compassion.


Along the way we have had our fair share of challenges. But we are grateful for them, though painful they may be, because they help refine us, improve us, and change what we did wrong before.


As a christian-owned company, we acknowledge that Christ Jesus is our head. Though we are not perfect, we try our best to operate our business based on biblical principles & values.

In appreciation of our members' support, we have product & service promotions for you. Looking forward to many more years of growth!

Thank you!

The Sanctuary Skincare Specialists