A Message from the Founders

“The reason we founded The Sanctuary is that we want to provide genuine skincare services, and truly help people solve their skin problems, and maintain healthy skin in the long run. We want to give customer the best facial and skincare experience so customers can be rest-assured that there will be no hard-selling at The Sanctuary. Our focus is on high standard hygiene & quality products, not luxury ambiance.”

Su Lim, Co-Founder, Singapore (Left)
Su is a fashionista with over 25 years of experience in skin care & spa operations. She has a passion for making sure each person who walks through the doors feels valued and she loves all things beautiful – especially healthy, make-up free skin!

Additionally, Su:

  • Creates & designs fabulous facials for all seasons
  • Developed The Sanctuary’s signature extraction technique
  • Is a well of information for all comers to The Sanctuary
  • Holds The Sanctuary’s hygiene to an exacting standard
  • Owned & operated an elite personal stylist business in Singapore

Lisa Young, Co-Founder, San Francisco (Right)
Lisa is the proud mother of Russell David. She holds a research degree in biochemistry from UC-Berkeley and a Masters in Medicine from Yale School of Medicine.

Additionally, Lisa:

  • Is a trained medical clinician with full prescriptive privileges
  • Has worked and co-owned a medical clinic in Monterey, California
  • Collaborates with a team of research scientists on the development of each and every product used or sold at the Sanctuary.
  • Spends part of the year traveling and researching the best that the medical and scientific world has to offer to bring cutting edge products to our customers.

Beliefs and Guiding Principles

Su and Lisa, the invincible duo, operated The Sanctuary with the core values of honesty and education. Before opening their business, they spent a large amount of time travelling the world to find suitable research labs to partner so as to develop and manufacture therapeutic skin care products and training the beauticians on the facial treatment techniques and skin care knowledge. Since Sanctuary’s inception, Su and Lisa have been helping many people understand and manage their skin. They hold true to their core values of honesty and education and will not discount them for any reasons. This not only applies to customers but they also treat their own staff with the same core values.

In China, and especially in a large city like Shanghai, it’s not difficult to expand their business fast but they want to provide a personalised service to their customers and not compromise on the quality of their service. Despite facing stiff competition and having to put in a lot of effort and time to provide such a personalised service, they found it worthwhile when they see that they are truly helping their customers solve skin problems and watching skins improve.