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The Sanctuary understands our customers’ individual needs and provides services with a personal touch. 

We pride ourselves on being different from other spas in town because of our:


Well-trained Therapists with Medical Knowledge

Our therapists are trained for 3-6 months before working with clients. This is followed by ongoing training on skincare, products and tools. They possess a vast knowledge of skin, and understand how to pair our products with in-house techniques for best absorption and optimum results.

        For example, the beautician is trained to spot sensitive skin conditions. Thus, they will not scrub or steam your face because that further exacerbates irritation and redness. You can be sure they will treat your precious skin right every time.

organic products

Quality Formula Products - Safe, Pure & Effective!

        We have the utmost faith in our commissioned products delivering amazing benefits for your skin.

        Lisa Young, Sanctuary’s co-founder, collaborates with a team of scientists on the development of each product used or sold at The Sanctuary. They are produced by high-end manufacturing equipment, state-of-the-art, FDA registered and GMP-compliant manufacturing facilities. Our products contain higher concentrations of active ingredients to ensure you get the most bang for your buck.


Skilled Handwork

        We believe in natural handwork. An expensive machine doesn’t think or improve itself, but we do.

        While most spas’ cleaning only involves cleansers and scrubs, we pride ourselves on our extraction technique which will gift you with clear and translucent skin. Our therapists go through rigorous training to learn the art of extractions.  Your face never leaves our spa looking red or blotchy.

        Our massage technique is designed to increase blood circulation for better absorption. It also works well to relax your mind and body. It can be changed in subtle ways according to the skin’s elasticity & condition. Every touch and movement is just right to help skin relax and repair itself, enhancing our products’ efficacy.

Consultation and Education

        We speak to all our customers to understand their individual skin needs and answer any questions they have. We will teach you the basic products every skin type needs. You will be pleasantly surprised how little you need on daily basis. We will teach you the key to healthy skin: how & when to use serums, creams, sunscreen, and much more.

Besides our facial treatments, we also provide massage services and we are one of the very few spas in Shanghai skilled in prenatal massage.

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* GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice