Safe, Pure & Highly Effective

We have the utmost faith in our commissioned products delivering amazing effect on your skin.

Lisa Young, The Sanctuary’s co-founder, collaborates with a team of scientists on the development of each product

that is being used or sold at The Sanctuary. They are designed with higher concentrations of active ingredients to ensure you get the most bang for your buck

SAFE & PURE formulation

In formulating products,  we don’t use low-quality, cheap ingredients

that may have adverse side effects for certain skin types or skin problems.

All of our products are:

* Fragrance-free

* Dye-free

* Parabens-free

* Non-Acnegenic

* Non comedogenic

* Hypoallergenic.


We only use premium organic ingredients which are clinically proven to be effective.

Our Labs utilize a vast collection of authoritative and innovative resources to search for ingredients from all over the world.

The chemists gather detailed scientific knowledge on raw materials and their effectiveness.

More importantly, the therapeutic concentration is high enough for you to see & feel real improvement in days not months!

Specialty Laboratories

Our products are created and produced on high-end manufacturing equipment and state-of-the-art, FDA registered & GMP compliant manufacturing facilities.

Our laboratories provide documented certification such as:

* Certificate of Manufacture

* Certificate of Free sale

* GMP Certificates

* Certificate of Analysis

* MSDS (material safety data sheet)

* BSE Certificates

Stringent Testing & Quality Control Standards

All development processes undergo systematic testing of various activities and ingredient interaction

during development, production and filling to ensure consistent and stable results.

All products are scrutinized for the highest quality, they will be taken through many standard tests before they reach you.

* Specific Gravity (sg) tests

* pH balance tests

* Viscosity tests

* Microbial tests

* Stability studies

* Selective Heavy Metal tests

* Appearance (aesthetics) tests

* Odor tests

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