The story of Patricia, our skincare ambassador, how she finally won the war against acne.

The Beginning- No big deal

I had acne-problematic skin since I was 13. I was not too concerned because I was kept busy at school and enjoying childhood. Skincare & beauty stuff didn’t interest me. I simply used a cleanser every day and night because the text on the package says it helps fight against acne.

I Felt Depressed

It wasn’t until high school that the acne problem became really serious. Relatives, classmates, friends, friends’ parents and anyone I met would have about the same response ‘oh dear, what’s wrong with you? why do you have so many pimples and acne?‘ I was majorly depressed.

What I shouldn’t have done

I had completely no idea why or how to deal with it.

I thought it’s because my skin was too oily, so I started using all kinds of oil control products with salicylic acid, cleaning my face more than 3 times a day whenever I felt my skin was dirty or looked shiny.

I switched products after 2 weeks if I saw no noticeable improvement.

I had countless anti-acne creams which I used liberally.

I picked at my skin especially when there was a big pustule or nodule.

As a result, my skin got worse, more uncontrollable breakouts, skin dried out and became super sensitive.

Sometimes Parents Can Be Wrong

My dad said ‘stop all your products, just wait til you’re older. It will be gone.‘

My mom said ‘dab some toothpaste on the breakouts, it helps.‘

Of course, neither way worked.

Makeup for Years

I was very impatient! All I want is just normal smooth acne-free skin.

So I turned to makeup.

It’s really great how makeup can cover up the blemishes. No doubt I needed to get up very early in the morning, and spend an hour putting on foundation, concealer and powder before I could face the world. Before I went to bed, again more time and effort needed to remove the heavy makeup.

The Sanctuary to The Rescue

I went on like this for years until I found The Sanctuary.

The anti-acne facials with medical-grade extractions help clean the deeply seated dirt, oil clogs and kill bacteria. Because of the extensive years of using makeup and inappropriate products, my skin became very dry, sensitive (it gets red easily) and more congested than normal.

I strictly followed the prescribed homecare routine, what, when & how to use the products, and the basic rules of taking care of my skin.

Here’s a picture of how I looked like after first 3 sessions. (Sorry if this picture makes you feel uncomfortable.)

I was advised to be patient. Because it may look worse before it gets better.

Keep calm, eat healthy, sleep early and drink more water.

Avoid oily, fried junk food, or spicy things. It may not be the direct cause of acne, but it could exacerbate it.

Thankfully, because I went to The Sanctuary in time, there are no permanent scars on my skin.

It was a long journey. At the end of the day, though, patience and hard work do pay off.

Now I still get some small pimples occasionally when it’s the time of the month. But I don’t panic and know what to do.

So for those who are suffering from acne, don’t give up, stay strong, and have faith.